• Turowski, Andrzej. Malewicz w Warszawie: Rekonstrukcje i Symulacje [Malevich in Warsaw: Reconstructions and Simulations]. Cracow: Universitas, 2002.

    An extended consideration of Malevich's 1927 journey and exhibitions. In addition, this book includes details of Malevich's genealogy, a discussion of his philosophy, documents and reviews published in Poland, correspondence, and a summary of the recent fate of the artist's works.

  • Malevich, Kazimir. Sobranie sochinenii v piati tomakh [Collected Works in Five Volumes]. Edited by Aleksandra Shatskikh. Moscow: Gileia, 1995-2004. Vols. 4 and 5.

    The Collected Works of Kazimir Malevich in Five Volumes is an illustrated scholarly edition of selected writings by Malevich, edited, introduced, and annotated by Aleksandra Shatskikh. Volumes 4 and 5 were supported by the Malevich Society:

    Malevich, Kazimir. Sobranie sochinenii v piati tomakh. Vol. 4, Traktaty i lektsii pervoi poloviny 1920-kh godov. Moscow: Gileia, 2003.

    Volume 4 includes tracts and lectures of the first half of the 1920s, with an addendum of correspondence between Malevich and El Lissitzky (1922-1925).

    Malevich, Kazimir. Sobranie sochinenii v piati tomakh. Vol. 5, Proizvedeniia raznykh let: Stat'i. Traktaty. Manifesty i deklaratsii. Proekty. Zapisi i zametki. Poeziia. Moscow: Gileia, 2004.

    Volume 5 includes works from various years: articles, tracts, manifestoes, declarations, projects, lectures, notes, observations, and poetry.

  • Vakar, Irina and Tatiana Mikhienko. Malevich o sebe, sovremenniki o Maleviche: pis'ma, dokumenty, vospominaniia, kritika [Malevich about Himself; Contemporaries about Malevich: Letters, Documents, Memoirs, Criticism].  2 vols. Moscow: RA, 2004.

    A two-volume illustrated edition of Malevich's letters, documents, memoirs, and criticism. Collected and extensively annotated by Irina Vakar and Tatiana Mikhienko, with contributions from other scholars.

  • Kotovich, Tatiana, ed. Malevich. Klassicheskii avant-garde. Vitebsk [Malevich. Classical Avant-Garde. Vitebsk]. No. 9. Vitebsk, 2007.

  • Kotovich, Tatiana, ed. Malevich. Klassicheskii avant-garde. Vitebsk [Malevich. Classical Avant-Garde. Vitebsk]. No. 10. Vitebsk, 2008.

  • Kotovich, Tatiana, ed. Malevich. Klassicheskii avant-garde. Vitebsk [Malevich. Classical Avant-Garde. Vitebsk]. No. 14. Vitebsk, 2014.

  • Kotovich, Tatiana, ed. Malevich. Klassicheskii avant-garde. Vitebsk [Malevich. Classical Avant-Garde. Vitebsk]. No. 15. Vitebsk, 2015.

    The series Malevich. Classical Avant-Garde. Vitebsk comprises collections of essays on Kazimir Malevich and his artistic legacy, as well as on the history of the Avant-Garde in Vitebsk.

  • Douglas, Charlotte and Christina Lodder, eds. Rethinking Malevich. London: Pindar Press, 2007.

    Proceedings of the conference held by the Malevich Society in February 2004 in New York City, to honor the 125th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich's birth.

  • Malevich, Kazimir. El mundo no-objectivo. Seville: Editorial Doble J. (Forthcoming in 2008).

    Translation into Spanish of Kazimir Malevich's major work The World as Objectlessness [Mir kak bespredmetnost'].

  • Shatskikh, Aleksandra. Malevich i obshchestvo "Supremus" [Malevich and the Supremus Society]. Moscow: Tri Kvadrata, 2009.

    A history of the Supremus Society and the origin of Suprematism.

  • Nechai, Liubov. V chetvertoe izmerenie [To the Fourth Dimension]. Lugansk: SPD Reznikov V.S., 2013.

    Malevich and the fourth dimension.

  • Baier, Simon and Dümpelmann, Britta. Kazimir Malevich: The World and Objectlessness. Exhibition catalogue at the Kunstmuseum Basel. Basel: Hatje Cantz, 2014.

    Exhibition catalogue of drawings and texts by Malevich.

  • Griber, Yulia. Gradostroitel’naya zhivopis’ i Kazimir Malevich. [Urban development painting and Kazimir Malevich]. Moscow: Soglasie, 2014.

    Malevich’s work on urban design.

  • Khidekel, Regina ed. Lazar Khidekel and Suprematism. New York: Prestel, 2014.

    An illustrated collection of essays about Malevich’s student, Lazar Khidekel. All illustrations are from the Khidekel family archives.

  • Douglas, Charlotte. Lebedi inykh mirov I drugie stat’i ob avangarde [Swans of Other Worlds and Other Articles on the Avant-garde]. Moscow: Tri Kvadrata, 2015.

    Translation into Russian of Charlotte Douglas’s seminal book Swans of other Worlds: Kazimir Malevich and the Origins of Abstraction in Russia, first published in 1976, along with several of her other articles on Russian avant-garde.

  • Vakar, Irina and Tatiana Mikhienko, compilers and editors. Kazimir Malevich: Letters, Documents, Memoirs, Criticism. London: Tate Publishing, 2015.

    Translation from the Russian of the fundamental two-volume book of Malevich’s texts, letters, documents and criticism, originally published in Moscow (RA) in 2004. Charlotte Douglas is the General Editor of the English edition; Wendy Salmond, the Editor of the English texts; and Nina Bouis, the translator and head of the translation team.

  • Karasik, Irina. Lev Yudin. Dnevniki. Pisma. Vospominaniia sovremennikov. [Lev Yudin. Diaries. Letters. Documents. Memoirs of Contemporaries]. Moscow: RA, (Forthcoming).

    Book devoted to Malevich's student Lev Yudin.

  • Belorozovich, Anna. Kazimir Malevic - Poesia. (Forthcoming).

    Italian translation of Malevich's poetry with an introduction.

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